Be you.

Nobody else can be &

we all need who you are.

So many are insecure and confused about who they are and how they were created. I guide people to find their true identity in Jesus so they will lead families, churches, companies, and themselves well through purposeful, intentional, and Christ-centered lives.

Ryan E Cole

Here to help you grow

There’s a better you inside you.

I'm Ryan.

Life is extremely complicated, even for the most confident-looking people. You may feel alone, insecure, and even worthless. Everybody deserves to know why they were created and live life to the full.

I know, I've been there. I struggled with challenging questions of worth and found hope in Jesus. I've worked with people all over the United States to help them find peace and security in who they are, especially during hard situations.

Encouragement For You!

Everybody needs an increase in encouragement, especially when it comes to their faith, business and navigating all that’s going on in the world today.

Let me shoot you an encouraging email that helps you feel empowered to handle the situations you’re facing. I may not know them, but Jesus does and He wants to be with you.

Whether you’re a pastor or friend, leader or parent, everybody needs a simple uplift of encouragement.

Couldn’t hurt!

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Who I help

Men In Crisis

Through Foreknown Men, I lead men who have lost a child in miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss to find hope again so they can heal, lead, and grow in their faith.

Business Leaders

As a vocational marketer, I have decades of experience connecting businesses to customers, creating online platforms, and making messages matter to customers to drive sales and revenue.

Church Leaders

With years of leading volunteer teams, I equip team leaders to serve Jesus through care even in the midst of the task. I have lead teams to create comfortable environments, memorable moments, powerful messages, impactful worship and meaningful major events.

Small Group Leaders

As a small group coach, I've lead leaders of small groups to help them run groups that create comfortable environments, change lives, and make large churches small. I'm a huge advocate of doing life with key people that are committed to Jesus and your faith journey growing.

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Let's work to find the true you.

Ryan E Cole

Here to help you grow


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